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Advanced Conflict Management & Restorative Practices

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This section provides information about our Advanced Conflict Management Offerings, including those in Restorative Practices. After completing the Effective Conflict Management and Collaboration course, some teams and organizations understand the value of effectively managing their workplace conflict and want to learn more -- move forward together to the next level. Below are some examples of ongoing advanced initiatives we can customize to support your needs:


Developing Conflict Charters

Advanced Conflict Management Training – 1 Day

Advanced Conflict Management Training for Executives/Leaders – 1 Day

Advanced Conflict Management and Collaboration Workshop – 2 Day

Advanced Conflict Management and Collaboration Retreat – Specific Focus

What is Restorative Practices for Executives and Leaders?

When conflicts need to be discussed, when someone has made a mistake and wronged a fellow executive or leader, what do you do? While important to incorporate the lessons we learned about how to plan for difficult discussions in the first conflict management course, Restorative Practices principles are designed to help individuals take ownership, listen to the needs of impacted stakeholders, determine how to ‘make it right’ and determine how team members can successfully re-integrate back into the group in the most streamlined way resulting in less shame, blame and guilt. This is about having the team customize and develop a process for doing all of this while balancing high levels of accountability with equally high levels of support.

Warning: These programs are only for pro-active leaders that are interested in furthering their conflict management skills and secure enough to be vulnerable to fellow executive team members in a safe environment.


Restorative Practices and Executive Teams Training

Restorative Practice Executive Circles

Restorative Practices for Leaders

Restorative Practices Leadership Circles

Conflict Management and Restorative Practices Coaching

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