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    Synergy Coaching Clients Say...

    “Coaching has meant a new outlook on my career and possibilities. I had major communication problems that were affecting my ability to advance my career because of coaching I am presenting to the most senior people within and outside of my organization thus increasing my visibility which in turn has reshaped my options. I have improved the effectiveness of my communication skills and am an all around better employee!”

    -- Michelle Blake, USTA – Eastern, Director

    “As a CEO, where do you turn when you need help to work things out? In golf you would turn to the Pro for a lesson or 'tune-up' for a specific issue. In business you may find your staff and professional advisors can help to some degree, but don't have your perspective; your executive management colleagues may be able to help with a shared point of view and experiences, but it is difficult to be totally candid and open with potential or existing competitors. I found that working with Dave Gerber for some executive coaching provided a platform for focused self examination and development and a 'safe' environment which permits open and candid examination of the issues with an individual that can tap your inner strength to resolve the issues at hand. Like a great coach, or the golf Pro, Dave doesn't give you theory from a book or tell you how you 'should', he helps you work through the problem by giving you the right tools to assist you in solving it. As I told Dave: 'It's time well spent!”

    -- Jack Gates, CEO, Gates Associates
    “My first coaching experience with Dave was very inspiring, motivational and, frankly, a significant breakthrough in advancing my professional sales and interpersonal communication skills. He was able to help me synthesize my prior knowledge and utilize a highly effective system that I could implement immediately. This ‘a-ha’ moment lifted me to a much higher level of understanding that would have taken me longer to reach on my own. Dave’s ability to take people’s communication skills and techniques to a higher level is well worth any investment!”
    -- Chris Rittmuller, Director, Business Development, Johnston McLamb
    “I have been to hundreds of seminars, workshops, conventions and known many a ‘coach.’ Dave is the definition of a player’s coach; working with him brought out the best in me and helped me overcome business challenges I had faced for months. Dave has a one of-a kind way of connecting issues to examples, analogies to the obstacle at hand. He is creative and challenging with an empathetic approach that never made me feel defensive, always genuinely willing to share. There is no question that he can help speed up your learning curve!"
    -- Burl Haigwood, Business Development and Sales, Oracle
    “Dave’s articulate way of expressing concepts and his guidance in bridging theory to practice was evident after my first executive coaching session. I was highly impressed with his abilities, easy-going personality and true passion for helping me move forward in my personal and professional life. I will continue to work with Dave in order to expand my potential!”
    -- Glenda Crawford, Executive Managing Consultant, Carteret Mortgage
    "Dave demonstrated actionable concepts for my real business setting in a way that allowed me to use my given strengths and a new, organized method that made sense. He is fun to work with and truly had my best interest at heart. His system can be modified for conflict, negotiation and sales, even my personal life. I would highly recommend others to utilize Dave’s talents to improve their own!"
    -- Terri L. Stalnaker, Air Force IT Project Manager, DSD Labs, Inc.
    “Dave, I cannot tell you how helpful our conversation was. I am so thankful for your help and kindness. You really helped one lost and bewildered person!”
    -- University Professor, Remaining Anonymous
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