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Using Conflict to Increase Collaboration, Production & Revenues
What is Conflict?

When people talk about workplace conflict; it is so complicated and nuanced that most people want to stay away from it and therefore we don’t understand how to use it. If we break it down, conflict is as simple as a “disagreement about the end result or how two or more people will get there.” It looks like:

  • In-fighting
  • Not working well with support teams
  • Meeting after the Meeting
  • Difficult discussions – if they happen?
  • Poor communication
  • Disappointing role modeling
  • Lack of Collaboration – Silos?
  • Disrespect and lack of trust
  • Passive-Aggressive Behavior
  • Finger pointing, blame and shame
  • Naysaying, doubting, gossip and whining
  • More “I’s” than “We’s”
  • Self-serving individuals
  • Leadership without Followership
  • Underperforming teams
  • Key decision makers that don’t get along
  • Reduced Productivity and increased risk
  • Wasted time and unorganized meetings
  • Overly difficult performance discussions
  • Employees that are ready to sue
  • Risk of people working together without damaging one another
  • Imbalance with provided accountability and support levels
  • Most of us know it when we see it and feel it!

Conflict resides in every organization.

The great thing about conflict is that we can do something about it, often times these challenges are predictable. Understanding, planning for and naming it are the first steps to changing it.

Contact us so we can help you meet your people and financial needs by proactively addressing the conflict that festers in your organization. Use Conflict, don’t suffer from it.

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