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e-Learning Solutions

We believe blended learning is the future of organizational professional development plans. At Synergy, we have a nationally recognized, award winning, eLearning consultant and together we collaborate to satisfy your immediate and long term needs in this area as well. We offer various courses below and the consulting services required to design, build and customize the eLearning program you want to help grow your organization if your need is for more than content. Contact us immediately to help set up a blended learning solution set for your organization, regardless of subject matter.

Synergy Development & Training, LLC | Workspace Conflict Management, Team Building, Leadership Training

Synergy Development and Training customizes the following content to meet the needs of your organization’s short and long term E-Learning needs. We can create learning modules on other subjects as well, please inquire.

1. Conflict Management
2. Advanced Conflict Management
3. Leadership Development
4. Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring
5. Performance Management
6. Executive Coaching
7. Leadership Coaching for Managers
8. Change Management
9. Communication and Collaboration
10. Emotional intelligence
11. Mediation and ADR
12. Interest-Based Negotiations
13. Procurement Negotiations
14. Project Management
15. Introduction to Project Management
16. Project Management Toolbox
17. Introduction to Risk for Project managers
18. Conflict Management for Project Managers
19. Leadership for Project Managers
20. Strategic Planning for Project Managers

We customize all e-learning solutions to meet your immediate and long term needs.

Please contact us directly to learn how we can provide infrastructure and content to your existing e-learning efforts.

Ph: (703) 752-7588

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