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Synergy Development & Training, LLC | Workspace Conflict Management, Team Building, Leadership Training


Mobile Learning! For many organizations, providing on-site training for every employee, all of the time, is just not possible. Some organizations want to provide high-quality supplemental learning to existing and new on-site training. Mobile learning, on its own or complimented with other on site and Elearning initiatives can be the next successful professional development tool for your organization.


  • Increased likelihood of meeting learning objectives
  • Increased likelihood of using personal and professional time reviewing material
  • Increased learner short and long term content knowledge and skill retention
  • Increased opportunities to prepare and pass certifications (i.e. PM Academy and the PMP certification) and continuing education assessments
  • Increased efficiency of accessing critical knowledge when solving real time problems after the course when in the field

    There’s more…

  • Heightened sophistication and quality of professional development programming
  • Decreased excuses for lack of knowledge or incorrect actions – decreased risk
  • Increased loyalty, motivation to learn and next generation appeal
  • Quick and cost effective, critical content knowledge
  • Leverage existing devices you supply to Novo Nordisk professionals already
  • Integrate with existing generational learning styles and LMS solutions

“I’m confident that your training has been received, read and understood.
Allowing my organization to interact, enable instant feedback, report,
and instantly measure results.” – Mobile Learning User

Our specialists use the leading platform for the development, delivery, and tracking of mobile learning and assessments, surveys, and performance support!


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