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Using Conflict to Increase Collaboration, Production & Revenues
What is Value?

Value is your assessment of a vendor's ability to keep their promise to help you (the client) achieve the end results you are after. Value is also a factor of that service measured against the cost to you. The value of the vendor can be significant when they help alleviate your ‘pain,’ in whatever form that comes in.

Simply put, the vendor of value helps you get the job done and meet the promises you have made to your leaders, staff and customers.

Our Value

As an ally for your conflict, collaboration and leadership solutions we provide:

  • Support for your ongoing efforts with known breakdowns to collaboration, performance, professional development and leadership challenges
  • Help to address, resolve and create heightened responses to concerns related to the areas mentioned above
  • Perspective to the blind spots that present costly obstacles to collaboration, performance, retention, revenue and mitigating known risks
  • Support so your organization can think more strategically about how to stop throwing away money due to unaddressed workplace conflict

Our Mission

Synergy Development & Training, LLC helps companies save money by assisting them to be proactive in preventing and resolving conflicts. This is done at the strategic, professional development and employee relations levels with the result of reduced litigation, increased retention and heightened responses to unforeseen and known conflicts.

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