Use conflict to positively impact relationships and the bottom line…see what it feels like on the other side of the Conflict Pain Portal™!


Synergy Development & Training, LLC helps leaders, professionals and organizations customize conflict solutions that lead to increased collaboration, saving money and increased revenue.

Let us show you how to find proven, low hanging fruit solutions that will result in reduced litigation, increased retention and heighten your responses to unforeseen and known conflicts!

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Synergy Development & Training, LLC specializes in helping organizations USE CONFLICT to create innovative solutions leading to increased collaboration, performance and revenue, while reducing risk. We help businesses, leaders and professionals create more wellness, while saving money and generating revenue.

Your benefits:

  • Get ROI on Lost Conflict Dollars
  • Develop Outstanding Leaders and Project Managers
  • Build High-Performance Teams
  • Increase Levels of Collaboration and Communication
  • Manage Individual, Team and Organizational Conflicts
  • Design, Customize and Deliver Dynamic Programming
  • Improve Culture and Manage Change 
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Synergy Development & Training, LLC can help your organization maximize conflict opportunities, energize collaborative relationships, use conflict dollars toward revenue generation and ignite “On Fire” Leaders through proven:

  • Conflict Management Consulting
  • Interactive professional development workshops, training and facilitation
  • Conflict, leadership and team coaching and/or building
  • Mediation, Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programming
  • Leadership and Project Management Academies
  • Customized Hybrid Solutions with Multiple Interventions Available

Conflict permeates our workplace relationships, teams, structures and ability to work collaboratively. Our experts are passionate and serve the varying needs of businesses, organizations and the government. We always customize solutions to your specific needs and have proven our ability to positively impact how individuals work together — and the financial bottom line.

“If you are going to be viewed as a leader in your organization and survive and thrive at work into the next century, you must develop your own conflict approach and develop a reputation for leadership in conflict management and consensus building.”  — Lynne Eisaguirre 

What can Synergy Development & Training Do For You?

Conflict resolution and building high-performance teams must be priorities for all businesses and organizations — we will help you reach those goals! Regardless of profitability, predictable conflict will ultimately interrupt, ruin, or expose issues that cannot be ignored and will not disappear on their own. It does not have to be that way.

We help you channel conflict into opportunities. Get started now!

The Time Is Now!

Synergy Development & Training is the only organization to use innovative, rarely seen, moving sand art as a part of professional development initiatives and workshops. Experience the connection between the film and training theme and realize in the first three minutes that choosing Synergy is the best decision you can make for your conflict management and bottom line!

“Viewing the sand film was a unique and innovative way to key into the theme of Dave Gerber’s presentation to our annual state league staff workshop. It brought home the point that anything worth creating — and worth creating well — has to be done at the right pace and with a team of people who can work well together. Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme of Dave’s talk!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               — Scott A. Morris, Manager,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                State League Programs National League of Cities

Clients Industries we have supported:

  • Project Management
  • Fortune 100
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technical & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Credit Union & Finance
  • Power / Ultility
  • Intelligence
  • Military & Space
  • Local, State & Federal Government
  • Construction
  • Medical / Dental
  • Non-Profit

Partial List of Current and Former Clients, Sub-Contracting Clients or Groups:

NASA, SAIC, PMI-WDC, Dominion, U.S. Airforce,

Don Beyer Motor Group, EPA, Intelligence

Community, The Corps Network, International-

Investor, Novo Nordisk, SRI International,

BAE Systems, ManTech International,

International Federation of Electoral Systems,

Department of Energy, American Rivers,

ATPCO, National Institute of Justice,

Project Management Institute – Local Chapters,

Northern Virginia Mediation Service,

State Department Federal Credit Union,

Axiom Resource Management,

National League of Cities, Maryland Judiciary,

Pennsylvania House of Representatives,

Fairfax County Zoning and Enforcement

Administrations, US. Department of the Treasury,

Arlington County Transportation Department,

Metropolitan ENT, Girl Scouts of America

(chapters), Girls on the Run (chapters)

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